Ehren Joseph is a Denver based photographer. He launched a successful commercial career in travel and fashion advertising in 2008. While on assignment in Kenya in 2010, he documented women in the Maasai indigenous community, capturing their strength in the face of famine and hardship. Since then he has engaged in projects that use photography as a catalyst for social change, seeking to encourage the viewer to forge an emotional relationship to an intimate set of images. Ehren seeks to illustrate our shared humanity through his work, capturing human dignity and self empowerment in a world impacted by loss and inequality.


Ehren co-founded a non-profit called Conflict Resolution Through Art that sought to provide art supplies and studio space for marginalized teens, gang members, and victims of tragedy to express themselves. Some of this work and Ehren’s personal work was then displayed at the Cork Gallery in Lincoln Center. Ehren’s photos have been included in several exhibitions and auctions including “The Spirit of Brazil” and “Friends Without Borders,” which benefits children’s hospitals in Cambodia.


Before pursuing photography, Ehren received a degree in sculpture and taught classical figure drawing, painting, and sculpture at a fine arts studio. It was documenting his three dimensional work that ultimately led him to photography.


Ehren has worked for fashion and travel clients such as Harper's Bazaar, Rag & Bone, Saks 5th Avenue, Tommy Hilfiger, Phillips-Van Heusen, Ink Publishing, Nike, R/GA, Scholastic and Sherman’s Travel Media. His non-profit clients include, Dream for Darfur and Human Rights First. Stock imagery can be found through Getty.

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